AVENTROAventro Sarl - Geneva, Switzerland, founded in 2005, is a supplier of adjuvants, non-pesticide oriented products for plant protection, growth regulators, biostimulants and plant nutritional products, from Europe and the USA to Central-East Europe, the Baltic states and Central Asia, where the company works with distributors, primarily on an exclusive basis. It provides long-term credit lines for sales. It is responsible for logistics by sea and surface transport from the production sites to the international customers. It provides technical and agronomic advisory support to the distributors and farmers by direct meetings, local and international seminars. It invests in, and is responsible for, products’ national registrations and obtaining various permits required by the authorities of individual countries. Some products market under Aventro’s own trade names. Members of the management team have been active in the international agribusiness since the late 1980's.